Disflor Floreria, is a business focused in selling floral arrangements that can communicate feelings for special occasions or for personal situations, that same feeling were needed to be transmitted in a digital form, to be embedded on tarpaulins, banners, to be printed and for social networks, such as Facebook. A direct contact between the client and the Design Department was made successfully, all the ideas converged and the digital creativity flowed to create the needed products. Here the designs and banners are shown so you can observe them.
They also needed product photos for a catalog for the website, and for the digital designs, here is where the Production Department goes to action and some photoshoots were arranged, still life photography, product photography, in studio or in location, as some of the floral arrangements cannot be transported that easily. To transmit certain floral feelings, an accommodation of certain items is needed, between everyday items and the floral arrangements, so a more complex something can be created, hence different floral photographs for seasons are created.