Frontera Promotions is a company dedicated to the promotion, organization and logistics of boxing events and at the same time counts with a gym with everything you will need for training in the ring.

It was scheduled a boxing event in Los Algodones, Baja California, and photographs of the participants boxers were required, the production team was given the task to visit different gyms and locations for best poses, plus promotional videos where the same fighters invited people to attend the event. These were treated by the same Department of Production for editing and then be delivered to the next link in the chain.

The Design Department was finalizing the redesign of the logo and adapting the it for a profile picture of Facebook. Captured photos were given to the same department for cleaning and treatment. Flyers, banners and tickets where both needed to be printed and published in the newly created Facebook page, made by our Department of Community Manager, which had the task of constantly uploading the flyers, pictures of the fighters vs. of their opponents and videos that proportion.

There was a press conference that also covered the Production Department. One of the fighters had a hand injury, there for, a change for another boxer was required. Immediately the Design Department created a new flyer for the fight. Flyer and video were delivered to the Department of Community Manager to inform the fans.

The day of the event, a new trip to Los Algodones was made and from different perspectives the event was covered, showing on the Facebook page the highlights and fights of the night.







Jonathan Corrales


“El Fili” Montoya


Oliver Quintana

“El Muerto” Cañedo


“Krilin” Hernández


“El Gallito”