Xiare is a fish shop that deals with frozen products only, from Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, with stores located in Mexicali, Baja California, they needed to update the pictures of the website, and also this same photos would be used to create the Facebook Fanpage.
The Community Manager Department would be in charge to introduce three weekly posts that in time increased to one posts daily, including original photography of the products, the Production Department was responsible for shooting that photos. Also the Design Department was responsible for adding some texts and digital designs to make the photos more attractive to the final customer who surfs the social networks.
Also an advertisement was made to promote the business as it was new in the city. The Production Department had the task to create a script for that spot as it was focused to the social networks.
Finally some videos without audio were made to be projected on spectacular screens, which were positioned on several important street junctions. Here the Design Department added some images to make more attractive the screens. Right here you can see the final products that were made to Xiare Pescaderias.